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Working can be deadly based on statistics for workplace accident

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Thursday November 13, 2014

The expression stating that hard work never hurt anyone is apparently a fallacy based on current statistics. Indeed, the chances of suffering a workplace accident may be surprisingly high. These accidents can occur across all segments of industries and in every portion of the country, including Massachusetts.

Recent studies reveal that an estimated 11 workers die on the job every day in America. The type of job does not seem to matter, as even those who are office workers can experience a fatal accident. The study also found that another 50,000 employees die from a work-related illness. This equates to an estimated 54,000 American worker fatalities every year. The study did not include the number of those who suffer non-lethal injuries on the job.

There are sectors of the working world that are inherently more deadly. Those employed in construction, mining and other outdoor occupations are exposed to a greater number of hazards. However, the greatest number of workplace fatalities are attributed to work-related travel accidents. The second highest cause is purportedly workplace violence. The good news is that the number of fatalities has decreased from 2012.

Whether one works behind a desk or a jackhammer, there is always a risk of suffering a workplace accident. While safety protocols and due diligence on the part of employers and employees can go a long way to promote safety, not every incident can be foreseen and prevented. If a Massachusetts worker suffers an injury or illness while on the clock, then one will likely qualify for the workers’ compensation benefit program. One is ensured of the right to seek qualified assistance from nearby resources who are experienced in navigating this program and can provide the information necessary to obtain all benefits allowable under current provisions.

Source:, “11 Americans Die At Work Each Day, Some Of Them Even While Sitting Behind A Desk“, Nov. 4, 2014

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