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Wrong way driver in Massachusetts causes fatal car accident

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday August 1, 2013

Car accidents happen every day for an unimaginable number of reasons. From a driver trying to eat lunch on the go and to the tragically infamous texting and driving, the causes of accidents are rarely exactly the same. Nevertheless, almost every reason boils down to someone just not paying attention, and this fact was apparently present on July 21 when a driver drove the wrong way on the Massachusetts Turnpike and caused a fatal car accident.

At shortly after 4:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday, a major car accident occurred on the Massachusetts Pike. The accident took place after a toll collector observed a vehicle collide with another car shortly after entering the westbound lanes of the Pike and heading east. State troopers were dispatched to the scene and closed the road to investigate the car accident and to help avoid other collisions.

The wrong way driver, a 33-year-old male from Leominster, was transported to UMass Medical Center for minor injuries. He was also arrested. The driver of the first car that the man’s vehicle struck was a 66-year-old woman who was pronounced dead when first responders arrived. A third vehicle was involved in the accident, and its driver was transported to an area hospital. Investigations were still underway later that day, and it was not said what caused the driver to head the wrong way on the roadway.

After full investigations of the car accident are completed, the family of the deceased woman may elect to seek compensation through the civil judicial system of Massachusetts for the tragic loss of life. If monetary compensation is awarded, it could be used to lift the financial burden that may be left on the family by helping with funeral costs, related final expenses and other financial damages permissible under our laws. Though no amount of money can ever stop the pain of losing a loved one, it could allow the family to focus on coming to terms with the tragedy and achieving a sense of justice for their loved one. Similarly, the injured driver retains the right to sue the wrong way driver for reimbursement of the financial damages he sustained as a result of the second collision.

Source:, “Fatal Accident on Mass Pike Caused by Wrong Way Driver,” July 21, 2013

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