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Wrongful death claims may be option for Massachusetts family

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Friday July 26, 2013

When Massachusetts drivers choose to act negligently behind the wheel, they take their lives and those of others into their hands. For two families, the tragic consequences of one person’s actions have led to trauma and loss. Given the charges against the man and the apparent negligence that he displayed, the victims may begin investigating their options for personal injury or wrongful death claims.

The sequence of incidents began when police received reports of a driver driving erratically. Reports then indicate that the 31-year-old driver was eluding police when he struck and killed a 62-year-old man waiting at a bus stop. The driver then continued and collided with a vehicle occupied by four individuals, including two children. All four occupants of the second vehicle were transported to a local hospital. Their conditions have not been updated following preliminary reports.

The driver has been charged with multiple charges including vehicular homicide. The driver’s representative claims that the driver has no recollection of the events of the accident, though these claims have not been substantiated. It was reported that the driver suffers from a mental condition, though no details were provided.

Even if the driver involved in this accident suffers from a mental condition, he is still responsible for obeying the law and operating a vehicle legally and properly. His negligent actions while driving have cost one person his life, and caused pain to many more. Fortunately, Massachusetts has laws in place to protect accident victims and their families. In this case, the injured victims, and the family of the man killed, may choose to investigate their rights to personal injury or wrongful death claims against the driver. Successfully litigated claims could provide much needed relief for these individuals as they work to heal both physically and financially.

Source:, “Driver faces homicide charge in Cape Cod crash,” July 18, 2013

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