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A rare happy ending after Chelsea truck crash

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Saturday May 19, 2012

If you see a headline reading “Rollover Truck Accident,” you may not think it possible for the story to have a happy ending. And yet, oddly, that happened for a man who was driving a pickup truck involved in a rollover crash.

According to news sources, a Boston car accident that caused the pickup truck rollover, occurred as a man was speeding away from police. The pickup driver was struck by a Ford Mustang driven by the 43-year-old man who was fleeing.

Apparently, the Boson police were attempting to stop the 43-year-old for a minor traffic violation, when the driver sped off. The police stated that they discovered the man had an arrest warrant out for and that subsequently led the police on a five-mile chase. The 43-year-old was attempting to exit on the Route 1 exit ramp in Chelsea when he struck the pickup truck, causing it to rollover.

During the rollover, the pickup truck driver’s dog was thrown out of the vehicle and the frightened Labrador ran out into traffic and then ran away. It is then that the first miraculous event occurred. The truck driver emerged from his smashed vehicle with only minor cuts and bruises. After a search, the dog was found about one mile away and was reunited with his owner. It was a rare happy ending for dog and dog owner.

The 43-year-old however was taken to the hospital with injuries. During the chase he also struck a sedan. The driver of the sedan was also taken to an area hospital with injuries. Those injuries were not described as life-threatening.

Because the accident was caused by the speeding car chase, the 43-year-old driver can be held liable for the personal injuries suffered by the driver of the sedan, as well as damages to the pickup truck.

Judging by the photo of the accident scene, this story could have had an ending that was much worse.

Source: Daily Mail, “The dog who ran a mile: Touching reunion of man and his hound after pet leapt from truck as it flipped and fled for his life,” May 13, 2012

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