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Car accident in Massachusetts injures 3 people

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday December 12, 2013

Traffic can be the main factor when an accident occurs, however this does not excuse drivers who cause the collisions when they are driving in a negligent manner. Drivers must realize that increased attention is very important if traffic is heavy. If this is not realized, the likelihood of an accident occurring is greatly increased. Unfortunately, this became apparent when a car accident in Massachusetts injured several people recently.

The accident occurred around 8:30 in the morning when two drivers ran into the cars that were in front of them. The accident ended with six motor vehicles being involved and a total of three people were injured. The Massachusetts state troopers stated that the accident may have been caused by the glare from the sun impairing the vision of two of the drivers.

The three people who were injured in the motor vehicle accident were ages 20, 29 and 54 years old. They were all transported to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for injuries that were not life threatening. Two of the drivers were cited for causing the collision and were 54 and 55 years old.

The victims of the Massachusetts car accident may have the right to seek monetary reimbursement for their injuries if the details surrounding the situation are in their favor. This type of compensation can be used to pay for any hospital bills, and pay for other related expenses — especially if the individual is out of work because of the incident. This can often allow the person to focus on recovering in an environment that is less stressful.

Source:, Police: Solar glare, traffic led to six-car Braga Bridge accident, Brian Fraga, Dec. 4, 2013

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