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Compensation possible following Massachusetts pedestrian accident

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday June 17, 2015

There have been many inventions that help people function in their everyday lives. For example, cellphones allow people to contact loved ones whenever and wherever, while GPS units allow drivers to arrive at their destinations with relatively little effort. Even with the creation of these devices, it seems that people’s lives are busier than ever and filled with an increasing number of distractions. Unfortunately, a distracted, rushed driver could cause a serious pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accidents can happen to people who are in a crosswalk or those walking, jogging or cycling on Massachusetts roadways. Crosswalk accidents occur even though pedestrians in crosswalks typically have the right of way. What might initially appear to be a minor injuries could ultimately create lifelong medical problems, such as back or hip pain.

Pedestrian accidents can be caused by a variety of different types of drivers, including distracted or drunk drivers. Additionally, a driver who is unaware of certain laws protecting pedestrians can cause serious harm. Pedestrians injured as a result of a driver’s negligence may deserve compensation to help cope with the expenses stemming from their injuries.

The attorneys at Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, are willing to help you seek that compensation if you were injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts. A meeting with our attorneys can help determine the most appropriate course of action for your individual case. Our goal is to help ensure that you are treated fairly as you cope with the difficulties you may be facing.

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