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Experts: Don’t always blame the weather for winter car accidents

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Wednesday February 13, 2013

No one needs to tell those of us in Boston (or anywhere else in Massachusetts) about snow. Our recent blizzard was as big and bad as blizzards can be.

One of the many problems a storm of that enormity can cause: car accidents. However, experts say that in many cases, winter-weather car accidents can be avoided if people exercise common-sense driving habits. They warn that not all winter-storm car accidents and resultant injuries are the fault of the weather; sometimes the collisions are the fault of drivers who fail to slow down and drive appropriately for conditions.

A look at a media outlet from Marlborough shows that after the blizzard hit full force, car accidents began occurring in the city 30 miles west of Boston at an alarming rate.

In a city of just under 40,000 residents, there were 10 reported accidents in less than three hours. Thankfully, only one of the crashes involved reported injuries (the severity of the injuries was not reported, nor was the number of people injured).

In Amherst, a newspaper reported that major accidents were avoided, in part, because of pre-storm preparations, including a driving warning issued by the governor. But the paper also credited police and residents with being cautious and being prepared for the storm.

One of the ways people can prepare for such a storm is to practice winter driving procedures: experts say you should steer into a skid, for instance, and stomp on anti-lock brakes and pump brakes that are not anti-lock.

Anyone injured in a car accident caused by a reckless driver should speak with an experienced attorney about their legal options.

Source: Marlborough Patch, “Drug Charges and Blizzard Accidents,” Feb. 8, 2013

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