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Failure to obey traffic laws results in fatal car accident

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Wednesday November 16, 2016

Each day, Massachusetts drivers get in their vehicles, fasten their seatbelts and head off to work, school or other destinations. This is often done without any thought to the enormous responsibility that accompanies such action. When drivers decide to operate a motor vehicle, they also must accept responsibility for what happens as a result of their actions. When one does not obey traffic laws, a fatal car accident can occur.

One driver has recently been arrested as the result of a fatal car accident in Westfield. According to reports, the 25-year-old driver failed to stop for a red light. As he plowed through the intersection, he struck another vehicle and then apparently attempted to leave the scene of the accident.

The 68-year-old driver of the car that was hit was transported to a local hospital where he later died. The driver who appears to have caused the accident has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and negligence. This accident is still under investigation, and police indicate that the man arrested is also believed to have been involved in another accident shortly before this one occurred.

Driving is a tremendous responsibility. One simply assumes that the Massachusetts roadways are going to be a safe environment filled with drivers who obey traffic laws and watch out for other drivers, Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If a loved one becomes a victim of a fatal car accident, his or her family suffers physically, emotionally and financially. While a personal injury claim will not alleviate the grief and bring the victim back, it can aid with the financial losses that the family incurs.

Source:, “Westfield man killed in 2-car crash on Route 20; driver arrested”, Anthony Fay, Nov. 9, 2016

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