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Fatal car accident in Massachusetts claims 1 life

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Wednesday April 12, 2017

Police believe two vehicles may have been racing before a serious crash the night of April 8. Massachusetts authorities are still investigating the fatal car accident that claimed the life of a 38-year-old man and sent several others to local hospitals. So far, they have not filed charges against the other drivers involved in the crash.

The accident report states that, around 10:00 p.m., a vehicle driven by the victim was traveling at a high rate of speed along Interstate 95 southbound when it crossed the center line and entered oncoming traffic. The vehicle struck two other northbound cars, causing massive damage to all three vehicles. The driver was rushed to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead from his injuries.

A total of four other people, two in each struck car, were also taken to the hospital. A 64-year old man, a 64-year-old woman, a 43-year-old woman and a 12-year old girl were all injured in the crash. Their injuries have been described as non-life-threatening at the time of this report. Police believe speed was a factor in the crash, but they have also not ruled out intoxication and other potential factors at this time.

Criminal charges in a fatal car accident are not filed posthumously, so even though it appears the deceased driver was responsible for the crash, Massachusetts criminal law will not apply to him. However, the injured parties (and the adult representation for the 12-year-old girl) are entitled under state law to file personal injury lawsuits against his estate, including anyone with ownership interest in the vehicle. These suits are handled in civil court.

Source:, “Vehicles were racing before fatal crash on Interstate 95, authorities say“, Scott J. Croteau, April 9, 2017

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