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From paralyzed by motorcycle accident to Ironman World Champion

On behalf of posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday January 18, 2013

While stories of life’s difficulties and tragic events tend to dominate the airwaves these days, it is perhaps the individual who rises above those extremely hard circumstances that should be the real story. Perhaps it is the impatience of a media that tends to think “out of sight, out of mind,” which leads to a lack of a follow up story.

InVivo Therapeutics is a company that specializes in providing technologies and treatment platforms to improve the lives and functions of individuals paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries. Their sponsored athlete Jason Fowler is a prime example of a feel good story that has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes of tragedy. Paralyzed from the chest down at the young age of 17 due to a motorcycle accident, Jason has gone from a nationally ranked amateur motocross racer to world Ironman and Triathlon champion.

Jason competes in the competitions using a racing wheelchair for the run portion of the race, a hand cycle for the bike ride stage, and swims conventionally for the swim leg. It is a testament to his drive and determination that he does each event relying solely on his upper body strength and endurance. He has truly persevered through difficult times to participate in these grueling competitions. As part of the Boston Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association he also gives back to those who suffer from traumatic spinal cord injuries by teaching other patients “how to adjust and adapt to a new set of possibilities for their lives.”

Jason’s story is one that should be making the news, one of great triumph over great tragedy. His is a story where drive, determination, great medical assistance, and resources all came together to provide him with the tools to succeed after his accident. If you need help securing the right resources after suffering from a spinal cord injury, please contact a personal injury attorney that you can trust and who has the adequate skills and knowledge for your circumstances.

Source: Business Wire, “Invivo’s Jason Fowler Wins 2012 Ironman World Championships,” Dec. 24, 2012

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