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Massachusetts car accidents: Collision sends 5 to hospital

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Monday April 6, 2015

The vast majority of motorists on this country’s roadways are safe drivers who strive to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of their passengers and others. Unfortunately, unsafe drivers can cause serious car accidents that have devastating consequences for innocent people. For example, police allege that one Massachusetts man was driving under the influence of alcohol when he is believed to have caused an accident that sent five people to the hospital.

The 41-year-old man was driving a sports utility vehicle at the time of the accident. Police say that he crossed into oncoming traffic, ultimately striking another SUV containing a family. He was seriously injured in the accident.

In addition to his injuries, four people in the second SUV required hospitalization — two were small children. One person in that vehicle had to be extricated. The man now faces multiple criminal charges, including charges related to drunk driving, as a result of the accident. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges. Reports indicate that this is the second time he has faced charges related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Anyone in Massachusetts who has required medical attention at a hospital likely knows of the expense associated with such treatment. Unfortunately, the injured family may also suffer from lost wages as they recover or care for their injured loved ones. Many people who have found themselves in a similar situation have found that litigation may be necessary to help with the expenses stemming from serious car accidents.

Source:, “Prosecutors: Milford man held after weekend Upton crash“, Zachary Comeau, March 30, 2015

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