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Massachusetts pedestrian accident sends elderly woman to hospital

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday August 12, 2015

There are times in life when people know they may be at risk for an injury. For example, if participating in a violent sport or driving on a busy roadway during rush hour traffic, most are aware of the potential risk of an accident. However, a person should be able to feel safe while walking on a Massachusetts sidewalk. Unfortunately, one woman suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident that left her in the hospital.

Reports indicate that the 75-year-old woman was walking on a sidewalk one morning in early August. A police officer claims that he discovered the woman trapped under a trailer. Reportedly, the trailer had detached from a box truck and struck her.

Emergency responders were able to extricate the woman. While she is expected to survive, she suffered several injuries, including a broken leg. The driver of the box truck faces multiple charges, including defective equipment and driving on a suspended license. Other charges could potentially be filed.

It is difficult to imagine the impact that a pedestrian accident such as this could have on a person’s life. The victim will require medical attention and may need ongoing care during her recovery — expenses for which she may be financially unprepared. Because of the victim’s age, the path to recovery may be especially long and rocky. As a result, a personal injury lawsuit filed in a Massachusetts civil court may be appropriate. If negligence can be proved, the court could award her with damages to cover pain and suffering and medical bills, among other financial losses.

Source: Waltham, MA Patch, “Pedestrian Injured by Runaway Trailer in Waltham“, Charlene Arsenault, Aug. 6, 2015

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