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Motorcycle accidents can severely injure Massachusetts riders

On behalf of posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday August 23, 2013

Motorcycles may be fun and economical, but they may not be the safest choice of motor vehicles. The lack of protection that a motorcycle is equipped with, combined with their small size, decreases the safety of these vehicles. This combined with the negligence that other drivers have can increase the chance of an accident. When motorcycle accidents occur, the outcome is often severe or even fatal. Unfortunately, a recent accident here in Massachusetts left one rider seriously burned and another injured.

On July 30, a motorcycle and an SUV collided at around 11 a.m. Soon after this collision, another motorcycle rider struck the wrecked vehicles. Both riders were transported to an area hospital for emergency treatment for their injuries along with some of the bystanders who were also injured. It was not reported whether the driver of the SUV was uninjured.

After the first collision one of the riders was temporarily pinned under his motorcycle. While he was unable to move, the motorcycle caught on fire, and in turn severely burned the rider. Bystanders stated that he was burned from head to toe, and many are haunted from the occurrence. He was flown from the first hospital to another hospital to receive treatment for his burns.

If investigations find that the driver of the SUV caused the motorcycle accidents, the rider may have the right to pursue monetary compensation for his injuries. If the Massachusetts rider receives compensation it could be used to pay any medical bills that he has received. This could relieve the stress that sometimes comes with bills of this nature, and therefore allow him to concentrate on his recovery.

Source:, “Motorcycle accident leaves one person burnt,” Dennis Leger, July 30, 2013

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