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News: 3 Hurt In Car-dump Truck Crash In Lakeville

News: 3 hurt in car-dump truck crash in Lakeville

On behalf of posted in blog on Friday May 26, 2023

LAKEVILLE, MA – Three people were hospitalized after a driver of a garbage truck crashed into a car on Bedford Street along Sampsons Cove before 5 p.m. Thursday.  

The impact left one of the drivers pinned, who was then extricated, NBC Boston reported. 

The passenger from the truck and driver of the car were transported by ground to a hospital, while the driver of the truck was flown by helicopter to Rhode Island Trauma Center. 

Officials have not released details regarding the exact cause of the crash, the severity of injuries sustained, or what the occupants’ current conditions are. 

Updates will be posted when they become available. 

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