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One person killed in Massachusetts fatal car accident

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Wednesday January 8, 2014

Car accidents occur every day across the United States, and unfortunately those involved can be seriously injured or even killed if the accident is serious enough. If one of the victims is killed, it can often leave the family emotionally wrecked. Though their emotional wounds may begin to heal over time, the lives of the family members are likely never the same. Unfortunately, the family of a Massachusetts resident may be going through this after she was killed in a fatal car accident.

The accident occurred on Jan. 1 when one car struck the guardrail in the center of the road and spun completely around so that it was facing oncoming traffic. The outcome was three collisions that involved seven different vehicles, injured multiple people and killed a 71-year-old woman. The other individuals who were injured were taken to different hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

The driver who caused the accidents was taken to a hospital for serious injuries. The current condition of the driver and the condition of the injured victims is not known at this time. It was not stated if charges are expected to be filed against the man who caused the accident.

The family of the deceased Massachusetts victim and the victims who were injured in the fatal car accident may have the right to seek monetary compensation. Compensation could be used by the family to pay for any final expenses or by the victims to pay for any of their hospital bills. This could help both the family and the injured victims begin to return to their normal lives.

Source:, “Jamaica Plain Woman Killed in Early Morning Crash”, Joseph Markman, Jan. 1, 2014

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