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Police search follows Massachusetts pedestrian accident

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Tuesday March 22, 2016

Traffic laws are created in order to protect the lives of all people. Failure to follow those laws can cause accidents that result in harm in unexpected ways. For example, Massachusetts police say that two cars that were drag racing caused a pedestrian accident that sent one person to the hospital. Police are still searching for the drivers involved in the incident.

According to reports, the incident happened one evening in mid-March. Police say that the drivers of two vehicles were drag racing just prior to the accident. One of the drivers allegedly lost control of one of the vehicles, causing it to jump a curb and strike a pedestrian.

Police say that the driver and occupant of the crashed vehicle exited the car and got into a white vehicle that then fled the scene. They have released what they believe to be the license plate number of that vehicle. The extent of injuries suffered and the condition of the injured pedestrian is unclear.

Thanks to the technology available to police, it is highly possible that the suspect in this case will eventually be tracked down. When that happens, Massachusetts prosecutors will determine whether criminal charges are appropriate. Regardless of the outcome of a potential criminal case, the injured victim of the pedestrian accident has the option of filing a civil case. If negligence can be proved, the victim could receive a monetary award that can help that person cope with the financial fallout of his or her injuries, including lost wages and medical expenses.

Source: CBS Boston, “Pedestrian Struck In Drag Racing Hit-And-Run Crash In Boston’s Back Bay“, Jim Smith, March 19, 2016

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