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Was Massachusetts man wrongfully accused of car accident?

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Saturday May 24, 2014

With rising gas prices and the environmental concern of modern times, bicycling has become a popular way for individuals to travel short distances. Although this may be better for the environment, individuals that ride their bicycles near roads can be at a heightened risk of being involved in an accident. Although many of these accidents do not result in injury to the driver of the vehicle, they can seriously injure the rider. One car accident in Massachusetts recently injured a man while he was riding his bicycle.

The accident took place on May 5. The driver has been accused of striking the victim, driving away from the accident and throwing the bicycle into a river. The victim was taken to the hospital, but the 16-year-old has since been discharged and is reportedly recuperating at home.

The driver was also accused of threatening an alleged witness that apparently saw him throw the bicycle into the river. The driver faced numerous charges for his involvement. He is supposed to appear in court sometime in June.

Regardless of whether the driver is found guilty in criminal court for their involvement in the car accident, the Massachusetts victim retains the right to seek monetary compensation for his injuries. Any award of damages that is achieved may be used to pay for the hospital bills and other expenses that the victim’s family likely incurred regarding the treatment of his injuries. Financial relief, which must be based upon evidence of driver negligence, could allow the victim to focus on recuperating and returning to his normal routine instead of worrying about hospital bills from the accident.

Source:, “Leominster man accused of injuring teen, tossing victim’s bike into river denies charges”, , May 12, 2014

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