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Man in critical condition after Massachusetts workplace accident

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Friday July 17, 2015

A majority of workers in Massachusetts likely have a relatively routine work day. They clock in each day, perform a few variations of the same tasks and return home to their families. Unfortunately, a workplace accident has recently made one man’s work day anything but routine.

The accident happened one morning in July. The victim is an employee of Blakeslee Prestress Inc., a company that had been subcontracted by Turner Construction to complete work on a parking garage at Logan Airport. Workers were attempting to lift a piece of concrete weighing 32 tons onto the third level of the construction site using a crane.

The victim was apparently working to secure the concrete when it fell approximately 40 feet to the ground. The man also fell and suffered serious injuries. He was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment. The incident is currently under investigation by a variety of different officials, including those from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

While many people are aware that workers in Massachusetts face the potential for physical harm due to a workplace accident, some may be unaware of the financial harm created by such an accident. The injuries this man suffered will likely require extensive treatment, resulting in piles of medical bills. Additionally, while it is probable that he will miss work during the immediate aftermath of the accident, he may be unable to return to work in the same capacity. Employers are required by state law to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect workers in the event of an accident such as this, but many people find dealing with the insurance company an additional burden in an already stressful time. As a result, some injured workers and their families seek the guidance of an experienced professional who can help seek adequate and efficient compensation.

Source:, “Worker critically injured in Logan Airport construction accident“, July 10, 2015

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