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Several Massachusetts riders injured in motorcycle accidents

On behalf of posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Wednesday November 6, 2013

Massachusetts motorcycle riders are well aware of the dangers that exist when riding on open roads with other motor vehicles. The negligence of other drivers is very apparent to motorcyclists, and many find it necessary to stay alert and be ready to act in case they are put in harm’s way. The lack of protection that motorcyclists have can add even more risk to these dangerous situations, and they can often be seriously injured or even killed.

This year, in the southeast region of Massachusetts alone, 11 motorcycle accidents have occurred and at least two people have been killed. The first death happened on Sept. 1, when the rider lost control and suffered serious head injuries after being ejected from his motorcycle. The second occurred on Sept. 15, after a rider was in a collision with a vehicle.

On Sept. 28, a man recklessly drove his car into a funeral procession and injured one of the officers who was escorting the procession on his motorcycle. Two weeks prior to this event, another motorcyclist received a broken leg after being struck by a car that was trying to avoid a reckless driver. Other riders have received head injuries as well as fractured or broken limbs.

These situations show that motorcyclists are more likely to be injured in an accident than a driver of a car. This should not hinder Massachusetts motorcyclists from riding, but it should give them an increased awareness of their surroundings in the future. When people are injured or killed in motorcycle accidents, no amount of restitution can reverse or mend the situation. However, those affected by an accident may have the right to pursue monetary damages for their suffering.

Source: The Herald News,Motorcycle owners, safety officials say staying vigilant is necessity while riding, Brian Fraga, Oct. 26, 2013

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