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Bicyclist seriously injured by truck in Medway

On behalf of posted in Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Friday September 14, 2012

Main Street in Medway is a tree-lined two-lane road. Google maps show that there is a sidewalk on one side of the road and there appears to be a clearly marked bike lane on either side of the road. The road is straight near the portion where it intersects with a cull-de-sac called Thunder Hill Road.

It was along Main Street near Thunder Hill Road at 3:38 in the afternoon that a 20-year-old bicyclist was struck by a pickup truck which may have been a commercial vehicle. The bicycle-truck accident resulted in serious personal injuries for the biker.

The news report speculates that the pickup truck may have been either a commercial or private vehicle. There was no reported bad weather at the time, and it was daylight, so visibility should not have been an issue. The driver of the truck is known to the police department, but was not made public at this time.

The bicyclist was transported via a medical helicopter to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester at about 4:30, so his medical treatment until then would have been provided by emergency responders. His condition was described as critical although it was believed that his injuries were not life threatening.

The cause of the accident is under investigation and at this time there has not been a citation for the truck driver, although there could be one in the future. If the truck driver was negligent in any way, the injured 20-year-old could seek compensation from the driver, or his employer, for the bicyclist’s personal injuries, including pain and suffering.

Source: Milford Daily News, “Bicyclist hit by pickup truck in Medway,” Derek McLean, Sept. 12, 2012

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