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Box truck injures biker in Middleton

On behalf of posted in Commercial Vehicle Accidents on Monday September 24, 2012

When a motorcycle or truck accident occurs in Boston or anywhere and someone is injured, it may be only the injured person who knows what happened to cause the accident. If the injured person is unconscious, it may be left up to an accident reconstruction team to try and figure out what happened in a motor vehicle accident.

Recently a motorcyclist and a box truck were involved in a collision in Middleton. The biker suffered serious injuries in the bike and truck accident, and thus may be unable to describe the events at this time. An accident reconstruction team was called to the scene to determine what may have happened.

The accident took place around 4:45 in the afternoon. A 28-year-old man on a Harley Davidson clipped the back end of a box truck as it was turning into a warehouse location on South Main Street. The 28-year-old was traveling east and the box truck was traveling west at the time of the accident.

The biker apparently suffered serious injuries including head injuries and a broken leg. He was taken first to Lawrence General Hospital and then was moved via an air transport to Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston where he was taken to surgery.

The initial assessment is that the biker hit the brakes, but that it was too late to stop. There were no reasons given why the biker needed to hit the brakes. Did the box truck not signal a turn? Was the box truck in a turn lane or blocking the eastbound lane? Were there any independent witnesses to the accident?

Should the box truck driver be negligent in any way, the injured motorcyclist can seek compensation for his personal injuries, possibly including pain and suffering.

Source: The Salem News, “Middleton biker injured in truck crash,” Neil H. Dempsey, Sept. 7, 2012

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